Roger Fabri Instructional Video Series

Want to get the edge on your sprint training programme?

We present our exclusive video content series of instructional sprint training and strength components to give you the edge you need in passing the competition.

The Roger Fabri Instructional Video Series is split into 2 sections.

Section 1 with Roger Fabri is your drill component featuring 8 compulsory program drills focusing on the execution, objective and tempo of each drill. The Sprint Drill component showcases easy to follow lessons featuring High Knees, Butt Kicks, Standard A & B Skip, Straight Legs and more.

Section 2 with Cato Rutherford will take you through the resistance component and its execution, culminating in how the 2 section give you optimum performance on the track.

By the end of these presentations you will have a understanding of where you should commence your program, how you should execute and what sort of results you should expect to achieve.

Roger Fabri

Roger has been voted New South Wales athletic league Coach of the year for a record 6 times. But perhaps the most telling endorsement of Roger’s coaching is the growing array of consultancy appointments with other sports; namely rugby league, rugby union, soccer, afl, cricket, ice skating and netball.

Cato Rutherford

Cato is the Owner/Director of Lift Performance Centre and has a long history of education, experience and proven results in the fitness industry. Cato has worked with a broad range of clients from High Profile Athletes to general health clients.

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