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Our Sprint Training program aims to optimize you for Speed. It focuses on improving your ability to sprint powerfully, efficiently and effectively with sound technique. Sessions are based on power, pure speed, repetitive speed, speed strength and endurance, and lactic tolerance training.

First Step Quickness

The ability to maximise acceleration off a stationary start.

Pure Speed

The distance covered divided by the time it takes to cover that distance. In sports such as running, the speed is covered in a straight line. However, speed for football, basketball or netball, a player may mean changing direction while moving. Thus, a number of types of speed training need to be defined.

Speed Endurance or Repeat Efforts

The ability to sustain maximum speed or near maximum speed and to withstand the effects of fatigue. Events longer than five seconds in duration. Team or individual sports where recovery between sprints isn’t long enough to recover, all require high levels of speed endurance.

Speed Strength

This is speed training where there is relatively more contribution from acceleration than force.

Special Endurance 1 Special Endurance 2 and Lactic Tolerance Training

Special Endurance 1 is for efforts longer than 15sec but no longer than 45sec Special Endurance 2 is for efforts longer than 45sec and lactic tolerance training is the body `s ability to tolerate accumulating lactate in the blood and still perform.

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