Andrew Heffernan

Andrew Heffernan


Accredited Athletics Coach
ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach
Bachelor of Exercise Science, University of Canberra (2015)
Masters in Sports Rehabilitation, University of Melbourne to be completed in 2019
ESSA accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist

An Accredited Athletics Coach and Exercise Professional, Andrew is currently completing the final stages of a Masters in Sports Rehabilitation.
Andrew has played professional rugby league both here in Australia through the NRL systems and also in the Super League. His knowledge of the rigours of professional sport enables him to understand the translation of speed and agility into sport.

Andrew provides individual and group coaching in Canberra focusing on improving and progressing through the fundamentals of speed and agility to maximize performance.

Andrew works with a range of athletes and is determined to see progression. He works hard to see these results and how speed and agility is important to the individual in their chosen sport. He is also available to work with teams who are looking to run sessions for specific speed, agility and plyometrics.


Assessment costs are $50.00.
One on one sessions with Andrew are $80.
Group sessions vary in cost depending on the size of the group, it ranges between $20.00 and $30.00 a session.