Cora Patriarca

Cora Patriarca

Athletics Coach Level 1
Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Coach Level 1
Diploma in Fitness
Diploma in Sport and Recreation Management
Massage Therapy Student
ACSF Fitness Lecturer

Cora has a broad sporting background in track and field she has been an Italian track and field athlete for many years in the discipline of heptathlon, ranking among the first 5 in different age categories in the Italian Championships between 2001-2008. In Italy she used to train young athletes both on the track and in the gym.

Cora works as a personal trainer with the main focus on strength and conditioning, as well as a fitness lecturer at the Australian College of Sports and Fitness.

Training with the Ramjet Track Club at ES Marks Sports Fields, Cora has realised her passion for Speed coaching. Thanks to the great knowledge of Roger Fabri, she continues to learn and gain experience in order to offer the best training experience for her clients.


Assessment costs are $50.00.
One on one sessions with Cora are $80.
Group sessions vary in cost depending on the size of the group, it ranges between $20.00 and $30.00 a session.